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Ten Time Management Tips for Terrific Teaching

With all of the demands on today’s faculty, this practical and interactive workshop – based on studies on teaching effectiveness, faculty productivity, peak performance, and work-life balance – will help faculty achieve excellence in their teaching while at the same time maintaining their own vitality. Participants will practice simple exercises drawn from ten research-based time-saving practices that promote effective learning. These will include how to prepare for class in one hour or less and how to tame the digital tiger.

You will learn these tips for promoting student learning, saving time, and preventing problems:

  • Design terrific courses quickly and systematically.
  • Build a community of learners who care about learning and each other.
  • Think “class plan” not “lecture” with lively classes that keep students’ interest and put responsibility for learning on students.
  • Assess clearly and simply.
  • Give and receive feedback prompt, frequent, and helpful feedback.
  • Work smarter not harder by systematizing repeatable operations to save time and brain space for higher order work.
  • Be fully present to each task and each person.
  • Use writing and group work to teach for thinking.
  • Teach habits for living that help students in their lives beyond your course.
  • Use resources such as the TRC, FLC, mentors, coaches, conferences, and books to keep up with pedagogy.

Suggested Audience: all teaching faculty but particularly early faculty

Suggested Time Frames:

  • 1 hour- lecture with some exercises;
  • 2 hours - mini-lectures with exercises;
  • 3 hours – workshop with mini-lectures, exercises, and deeper learning

3725 Font Hill Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Office: (410) 465-5892
Fax: (410) 465-5967

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