Welcome to the Peak Performing Professor and the website of Susan Robison, Ph.D.

Do you have trouble getting all of your work done in a timely fashion? Does it seem as though all of your roles, of teaching, research, and service are demanding your attention at the same time. Would you like to work with ease and joy while maintaining a high level of productivity?

Many college teachers secretly worry that they are the only imposters about to be found out as unproductive and inefficient.

The truth is that you are not you are not alone in these concerns. Imposter fears are common among high functioning professionals who do challenging work – often doing creative work at the edge of their comfort zones.

The second truth is that you might be just a short distance from working at your best with ease and better work-life balance. Sometimes just a few small changes in work habits can make big differences.

As a former professor and department chair, I understand the challenges and the rewards of college teaching and higher education administration. You are trying to teach great classes, contribute scholarship in your discipline, and have a positive impact on your students and your institution. It is a lot to pay attention to simultaneously.

I know because I struggled myself as a professor - until I discovered strategies that made my work more effective and joyful.

For the last twenty years, I have been supporting faculty and leaders care for themselves and work effectively. I do this in two ways: one is through seminars at higher education conferences and at colleges and the second is through individual and group coaching.

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