Ages and Stages of The Peak Performing Professor: Early, Mid, and Late Career Faculty

Similar content and formats to "The Peak Performing Professor" with an emphasis on how to focus the practices for the stages of a faculty career. Each workshop is designed for a specific stage of the faculty career.

Early Career: Meeting the Challenge of Competing Priorities:

This workshop is designed for faculty new to the professoriate up to receiving tenure. The following practical skills will be presented and practiced.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish your priorities by looking at the big picture of life and career.
  • Achieve balance and success by aligning your projects, task, & time with priorities and tracking all of your projects personal and professional in one place.
  • Build peak performance work habits that operate on automatic, freeing your brain for creative thinking in your teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Establish evidence-based “quick starter” work habits to teach, write, and serve effectively and efficiently.

Mid Career:Meeting the Challenge of Abundant Opportunities:

A lifelong commitment to the professoriate requires staying engaged and motivated for the long haul. Once you have received tenure, you have hit your stride but are you enjoying the fruits of your earlier labor? In this practical, interactive workshop based on the Peak Performing Professor Model, mid to late career faculty will learn evidence-based practices to motivate and pace themselves for continued success and enjoyment in career and life.

The following practical skills will be presented and practiced. You will learn how to:

  • Prevent post-tenure burnout, blowout, and rustout by defining success to includes Great Work, work that flows easily from a deep sense of meaning and purpose, and a Great Life, one that brings you energy, longevity, and joy.
  • Design a life management system that aligns your strengths, time, and energy with your personal priorities and your diverse faculty responsibilities.
  • Apply discernment skills so that you can say a few strong “yeses” and many graceful “no’s” to the abundance of service/leadership opportunities offered to the post-tenured professor.
  • Take charge of those overwhelming to-do lists by envisioning and managing projects, goals, and daily to-do lists that are realistic and achievable.
  • (Optional) Enjoy your scholarship more by creating a “body of work” instead of a series of publications.
  • (Optional). Minimize time management distracters such as email, grading, and interruptions.
Late Career: Revitalize, Retire, or Rust Out

This workshop will model a reflection and planning process that can be used with late career faculty (professor rank or 7 years past tenure) to revitalize their work and/or plan a rewarding retirement, thus meeting both personal and institutional goals.

The following practical skills will be presented and practiced. You will learn how to:

  • Explore how late career faculty can revitalize and/or replace the spiritual, social, intellectual, and social needs normally met by work.
  • Complete reflection activities around redefining meaning in work and creating legacy and vision for the future.
  • Develop a five - ten year plan implementing insights from exercises.
  • (Optional) Present part of plan to get feedback from small groups.
Suggested Time Frames:
  • Each of the above programs can be done as a whole day program or as a second half program to Part I of the Peak Performing Professor Program.

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