Staying Sane in Insane Places: Managing Diverse Faculty Responsibilities in a Changing Environment

The one thing that remains the same is change. This workshop is designed for institutions who wish to support faculty during periods of significant institutional change such as from quarters to semesters, from old to new curriculum, and from lower to higher research expectations. Continue the great work that you do with a renewed sense of why you are there and how maintaining better work-life balance will increase your job satisfaction and your effectiveness in all your roles during and beyond the changes.

Participants will:

  • Explore strategies for staying sane in insane places by examining the changes that are taking place
  • Apply two models of change, one intuitive and the other research-based to the institutional change and its effect on faculty.
  • Develop a personal well-being plan that supports a satisfying personal life and a productive work life in the midst of a changing work-place.
  • Apply the principles of strategic career design to one's own career.
  • Assess strengths and learn strategies for working from strengths instead of playing to weaknesses.
  • Practice streamlined writing methods for classroom application, stress management and professional development.
  • Develop time management skills that lead to more time for scholarly or recreational pursuits.
  • Practice social intelligence skills of clarifying expectations, negotiating differences, finding common ground with colleagues, employers, and family.
  • (Optional) Examine and critique the philosophy and pragmatics of the changes and design the most streamlined methods for achieving worthwhile institutional goals.

Suggested Audience: all faculty

Suggested Time Frames:

  • 6 hours – workshop with mini-lectures, exercises, and deeper learning
  • Other time frames -can be shortened with less content

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